Beyond the Internet

Re-inventing Health Information

Dr. Roger Spott - Institute for Natural Resources

Page 1: Paperless charts, forms and schedules

Page 2: Major Online Medical Sites

Page 5: Consultation on the Internet

Page 6: Smartcards and the Electronic Patient Record

Page 7: Health Insurance and Managed Care

Page 8: Searching the Internet and Medical Libraries


Page 10: Online Degrees and Educational Opportunities

Page 11: Electronic Books and Other Publications

Page 12: Professional Update Services

Page 13: Telemedicine and Community Education

Page 14: Online Counseling: Clients, Clinicians and Confidentiality

Page 15: The Business of Health

Page 16: Protecting Patients from Health Fraud

Page 19: Just Enough Information to be Dangerous?

Page 21: Is the Clinic Digitally up-to-date?

Page 23: Web Browsers, Search Engines and HDTV