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Dental Related Web Pages

Dental Internet Resource Master Index
A complete index to Internet Dental resources.
Dentistry (Medicine)
An extensive Dental Index.
The American Dental Association
ADA Online, the American Dental Association's Home Page. Contains links to Dental news, product and services, practice and profession, and consumer information. Additionally, links to ADA Online resources.

Gopher Menus

American Physiological Society
The American Physiological Society (APS) Information Server provides for the electronic distribution of APS information, documents and publications via the National Research and Education Network (NREN)/Internet.
Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
The Clearinghouse provides access to subject-oriented resource guides created by members of the Internet community. There are currently over 75 guides available.
FEDIX - Federal Information Exchange
Library of Congress Marvel
Marvel contains congressional information, census data, White House documents, crime statistics, State Department reports, the Global Electronic Library, and U.S. Federal Government Information.
National Institutes of Health Gopher
Provides access to a broad range of NIH resources, including institute phone books and calenders, library catalogs, molecular biology databases, full text of the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts, files containing AIDS and cancer information and more.
National Library of Medicine's Gopher
The National Library of Medicine's Gopher contains information about the Library and selected reference materials.
National Science Foundation
Provides a wide variety of government information including access to many U.S. government gophers.
The Chronicle of Higher Education Gopher
The Chronicle of Higher Education sponsors "ACADEME THIS WEEK", and "ACADEME THIS WEEK" will include: 1. A guide to the news in the current week's issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. 2. A calendar of the week's events in academe. 3. A schedule of the week's events in Washington, D.C., of interest to individuals in academe. 4. the week's important deadlines for fellowships, grant applications, exchange programs, and more. 5. A listing of hundreds of job openings in colleges, universities, and other non-profit institutions worldwide.
The SCIENTIST is a biweekly newspaper for scientist and the research community.
USDA Statistical Data
The John Hopkins University. This gopher contains unique tasks oriented biomedical information gopher.
World Health Organization

Grants and Research

Community of Science Web Server
The Community of Science is designed to help you identify and locate researchers with interest and exertise similar to your own. This database contains an online inventory of researchers, inventions, and facilities at leading U.S. and Canadian universities, and other Research and Development organizations.
Federal Information Exchange Home Page
Register for free FEDIX opportunity alert. This link is to an online application to receive grant notices by e-mail.
Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.
Federally-Funded Research with links to NIH - The National Institutes of Health, NSF - The National Science Foundation, SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research, and the USDA - The United States Department of Agricuture.
Information about federal opportunities can be accessed using by opportunities in the agency category, subject category, and audience category.
GrantsWeb WWW HomePage
GrantsWeb is a starting point for accessing grants-related information and resources on the Internet. GrantsWeb organizes links to grants-related Internet sites and resources, including funding opportunities, grants databases, policy developments, and professional activities.
Nonprofit Resources Catalogue: Grants and Funding Sources
Nonprofit Resources Catalogue with Meta-links to grants and funding sources.
Research and Administration Network
The Research and Education Resources pages are dedicated to providing information and resources to support higher education and research activities.
THe NIH Grants Database
The NIH Grants Database with links to a searchable database. These databases include Current NIH Grants, New NIH Grants, Grants Funded by Specific Institutes in the NIH, and NIH Grants in Specific States.
Welcome to the Foundation Center
The Foundation Center serves the needs of grantseekers and fund raisers. Links include: Libraries and Locations; Training and Seminars; Grantmaker Information; Funding Trends and Analysis, Philanthropy News Digest; The Fundraising Process; Publications.

Job Databases

[!--CareerWEB - jobs, employment, resumes and careers --] CareerWEB - jobs, employment, and careers
Services offered from Career Web's home page include searching for jobs, Online job announcement forms, employers database, and more.
Employment Opportunities and Resume Postings
Links to numerous job-related databases and gopher menus.
Welcome to MedSearch America
MedSearch America offers an Online resume center, Healthcareer Forums, Jobs search, Resume searches, Employer profiles and a Recruiter's net.


Nurse - WWW Information Service. Contents include links to Nursing Internet Resources, Nursing sites (not necessarily WWW), Midwifery, Contacts, Papers and journals, Jobs, Software Packages, Statistics, Courses and Conferences, Health related information services, and other WWW and general information on the WWW.
"Virtual" Nursing Center - Martindale's Health Science Guide
The "Virtual" Nursing Center contains links to numerous related nursing/medical sites.


Databases and Bibliographies
An extensive index of databases for medical libraries.
HYTELNET on the World Wide Web
Links to library catalogs and other Internet resources.
Libraries #3
Instructions on how to use several different medical libraries along with thier URL address for each library.
Library Resources
Library resource index with links to Full Text books, poetry, journals, and magazines; Library card catalogs;
Literature searches either by book title or jounal title.
Library Resource List: Library Sites.
A great resource page that includes sites that list libraries on the Net.
Medical/Health Sciences Libraries on the Web
This list has pointers to all medical and health science libraries that have home pages on the Web.
Medical Libraries and Information Services Resources
Links to other Libraries and Information Services found on the Internet.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Libraries and Librarianship
Index to Libraries on the Internet. This is a searchable Index.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
The WWW Virtual Library is a distributed subject catalog.
WI Division for Libraries...: Library Resource List.
The Library Resource List is primarily a meta-listing of about 400 Internet resources that will be of interest to the library community. Table of Contents includes Reference resources, New sites and search engines, Government resources, Library sites, Libraries, the Net and the NII, and Professional information.


The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Pharmacy
Comprehensive index to schools, associations, journals, jobs, databases, drug stores, companies, and miscellaneous.
Jobs - Pharmacy etc.
Jobs in Pharmacy related fields - Academic, Industry, Government, and links to links.
PharmWeb - Appointments
The PharmWeb Appointments page is a listing of appointments of interest to the health professionals.

Search Engines

All-in-One Search Page
Many major search engines can be searched from this one page.
Exploring The Net
24 ways to seach the Net from one page.
MetaCrawler Searching
MetaCrawler's Search Engine's home page.
A unique search engine that allows searches in many different languages.
Access to over 250 search engines.
Six of the largest search engines on one page. Contains Yahoo, Infoseek, Open Text, WebCrawler, Lycos, and Alta Vista.
Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
A search engine for keyword searches, but contains many subject-oriented links.

Software -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
A software search engine. Searches for software by keyword or phrase.
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:HTML Editors:MS Windows
Links to many HTML Editors with a brief description of each.

Nutrition Web Pages

DO Links...WWW links to other Nutrition Related Sites
This page contains links to some of the most reliable nutrition related pages found on the Internet.
Food Composition Data
Links to the USDA Nutrient Databases.
Galaxy Search Results
Links to nutrition related bulletin boards.
Food Science Sites
A comprehensive index to Internet Food Science Resources.
Fast Food Facts - Interactive Food Finder
Fat Finder - A fast food nutrient database.

Web Pages for all Medical Related Professions

DHMC Home Page
Medical Information Resources. An extensive index of medical resources.
HealthNet Home Page
Links to health and medical resources on the Internet.
Links Health Care Resources on the Internet
Links to Health Care Resources on the Internet. Contains links to extensive listings of health care resources.
Medical and Health Research Applications
Medical and Health Research Applications. Links to excellent resources such as BioWeb, Genetics Meta-Index, Funding Opportunities, and many other excellent sites.
MEDICAL MATRIX 2.12: Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources
Medical Matrix is a guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources. This site contains a search option to search the full text of Medical Matrix by a keyword(s).
Medical Internet Web Resource Guides. Some of the links include: MedWeb Biomedical Resources, HealthWeb, Multimedia Medical Reference Library, Virtual Medical Center, Internet Medicine Archives, and many more.
Medicine Links
Dentistry, Medicine, and Surgery Links. Contains an extensive Medical Index.
MedSeek - Internet Directory to Physicians and Services
The Internet directory to Physicians and Medical services. Form this home page, searches can be done by Specialties, Geographical areas, Names, and Portfolios.
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
MedWeb contains links to all areas of medicine and healthcare. Contains a subject-oriented Table of Contents.
Home page for Current Cancer information and resources with links to other related sites.
Online Health Network
The Online Health Network contains electronic health information. This site features authoritative health care information from Mayo Clinic along with other reliable and accurate resources.
Telemedicine Resources
Information at this site include links to available resources related to telemedicine that are available on the World Wide Web.
UW-Madison, Medical School InfoLink
Links to the Internet Health Guide, Medical School Web sites, Educational resources, Online publications, Biomedical resources, and more.
Virtual Medical Center - Martindale's Health Science Guide
The "Virtual" - Medical Center. The following can be found at this site: The Virtual Medical Center, Dental Center, Nursing Center, and Public Health Center.
Additionally, links to Medical Courses, Textbooks, Modules and Cases in all areas of the medical profession.
WWW Searching Tools and Web Jewels
Web Jewels is a catalogue of selected World-Wide Web sites organized by subject. Additionally, a keyword(s) search can be performed using Quick Search.