The root canal spaces inside your tooth have been cleaned, medicated and filled. The tooth opening through which endodontic treatment was done has been sealed again with a cement filling and the treated tooth can still be tender for some time. This outermost cement filling is not permanent, so please contact your family dentist within the next few weeks to arrange to have the tooth restored.

Usually a tooth that requires root canal treatment has had a past history of decay, large fillings or trauma. It is often necessary for this type of tooth to receive additional protection in the form of a crown or an onlay. Your family dentist is best qualified to determine how to restore your tooth. Until you have had a chance to visit your dentist again, it's wise to be careful biting or using the treated tooth so that you do not fracture it.

A note and a copy of your final x-ray film are being sent by this office to your dentist, informing him or her that treatment has been completed.

In approximately six months, we would like you to return here for a re-examination. The progress of healing of your tooth will be evaluated. There is no additional charge for this visit if any difficulties or questions arise concerning your treatment, please do not hesitate to call.